How the Custom Order Process Works

After You Place Your Order


After you place your order, you will be required to make a 50 percent deposit. This  will be deducted from your total at the end. 

As we work together to create your wedding flowers, I will text you to get your approval before I make any changes.   

Please allow 2 - 3+  weeks for completion of your flowers; 4 - 5+ during the summer months. 

Items added after the initial order will increase the amount of your second payment.  

Second payment is due within 3-5 days of completion of your flowers.

A modification fee will apply for changes made to bouquets. This Includes the price of flowers and all shipping charges.

How to Calculate Your Final Price


There are several factors to take into account: 

1.) Calculate your order by using the charts provided on the bridal guide. 

2.) Because your flowers will be personally ordered and shipped just for you, there is a $20 charge to cover the cost of your  


This allows me to maintain a lower price per bouquet.

3.) Include your cost of shipping.

We ship all orders thru FedEx from Chattanooga, TN. The shipping time varies based on location. Shipping charges are based on the size of the box and the distance from Chattanooga, TN. We ship 3 times per week. Once your final payment is received we will do our best to ship within 48-72 hours. 

In general, a medium sized wedding order within 400 miles of Chattanooga will take 2-3 days and run $30. That same order to the west coast will take 4-5 days and cost approx. $55-60. **Please let us know if you are a Canadian bride. A $60 custom charge will apply.